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Custom Citrix Cloud Portal

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager is the effective tool for any web-related business. It helps you to build up a profitable and successful start-up based on the cloud system. The advanced platform of Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager enables you to manage business systems and to do the technical support of them. This tool is very useful for you if you need to take control over accounts registered on your website, such as to monitor users' signups, to change settings and options for different groups of users and to view statistic data about them.

  • Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager
  • Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Thus, CloudPortal Services Manager is the essential for web start-ups' purposes. But it has one significant drawback. You cannot show your branding on its default screens. In order to do it, you need to go to us. We make CloudPortal Templates more individual and personalized by adding your company's brands and identity elements to it. We also offer similar services to cloud customers.

The function named “Theme” which is built into Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager helps Interfaceplanet.com to make customized templates for this tool, so you can put your and your customers' brands into Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager's screens. Besides that,  you may also brand your or your customers' URL with the help of our templates made up especially for your CloudPortal Services Manager.

Our customizing services for Citrix CloudPortal include designing for your existing brand, integration of this design into the CSS Template Package which you are to install yourself and providing installation guidelines for you. Such interface design can be installed on all sites and services of CloudPortal Services Manager which are present in your Citrix. What's more, you don't need to renew license or pay any additional fees for technical support.

Interfaceplanet.com delivers its services within 10 days and gives a 30 days guarantee, so if you've noticed any bugs in our product and have reported us about them we'll fix them for you for free within this period. We also will help you to regularly update our product in order to get the most from it. Remember, that our customization services depend on the version of Citrix you have.

  • Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager
  • Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

Interfaceplanet.com: Solutions for your web start-up!

Do you want to customize your interfaces based on Citrix, Microsoft or 2X Web tools? You should definitely work with us! Contact us with the help of Get A Quote Button in order to tell us of your wishes and requirements concerning ideal branding solutions for your website's interface.

If the standard offering doesn't satisfy your needs and desires, Interfaceplanet.com is always ready to make other customization versions for your Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager. What you need is just to say us about your desires and we will offer you different options. There are a lot of variants of how your CloudPortal Services Manager can be personalized and made more individual – just have a look at our Demos or at our portfolio consisting of websites we have already customized.

Interfaceplanet.com can customize your Citrix CloudPortal so that it will match to your Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Access Gateway, Citrix Web Interface or Citrix CloudGateway Storefront Receiver for Web. So, all your Citrix Interface Environment will be customized to your corporate identity.