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Citrix web interface

Custom Citrix Web Interface

InterfacePlanet can go beyond interface design and brand your company's Citrix web interface with an exclusive customized design – right down to the icons. In addition to the default tabs of Citrix WI we can add more useful tabs such as Downloads, Videos, Email, Admin and few more. We can add more features to augment your web interface to look more subjective. Some of our popular features are listed below.

The applications and desktop published by XenApp and XenDesktop are accessed by users with the help of Citrix Web Interface. Users need a standard web browser to browse or to access any web interface sites. Interface planet provides you with mobile specific web interface UI. The administrator has the power to enable or disable this mobile specific web interface, according to users demand.

Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4 - Demo 1

Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4 Login page
Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4 After Login page

Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4 - Demo 2

Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4 Login page
Custom Citrix Web Interface 5.4 After Login page

Interface planet started the trend to customize web interfaces according to users need and demand. Customization of web interfaces is our speciality. And the Citrix Web Interface 5.4 is one of our most popular interface customization products.

Citrix web interface does not come with good branding facility. But for a company, web interfaceplays a vital role for branding them. To cope up with this drawback of citrix, interface planet comes with many branding option. With Interface planet customization services, you can customize your web interface according to your company’s need.

Interface planet offers a brand new look and feel for your company’s profile. Our company goes beyond the interface design and customize your firm’s Citrix web Interface with a unique custom design. In addition to the default tabs of Citrix WI we can add more useful tabs such as Announcements, Web Links, Downloads, Videos, Email and lot more. We can add more features to enhance your web interface to look more personal.

InterfacePlanet is no stranger to the Citrix Web Interface 5.4 and 5.3. We have been customizing Citrix web interface to suit client's needs for seven years running. Depending upon your requirement, We can start from scratch, work on incorporating your corporate identity like logo and design your website's theme.

The customization of the citrix web interface allows you to access web applications using any computing device. Installation of the custom citrix web interface can be done on multiple servers. Our developers will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to do the installation and implementation. Moreover, InterfacePlanet provides lifetime support for custom citrix web interface services.

Organizations come to use with the goal of making their site management system more modern. They want to optimize the business process and the Citrix web interface 5.4, 5.3 are known for this purpose. Through a custom citrix web interface, organizations can easily work with IT challenges and work towards more productivity.

Like all our Custom Interface Products, Interface planet’s Customized Citrix Web Interface can be installed on unlimited instances of Web Interface – and on unlimited servers – throughout your Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop Environment. Interface planet does not include any hidden fees or ongoing license for this. We only offer our customization services and helps user to make their company’s profile be more market friendly and attractive.

Some of our popular features are listed below.

Our Custom Interface Package includes of

  • Step By Step Installation Guide
    This guide covers preparing for custom interface installation with all step by step action need to perform on server to helps you apply new customization trouble-free and quickly.
  • Free Online Installation Support
    We are offering FREE installation assistance to our all Interface customers using remote support tools, like GoToMeetings etc.
  • Bug Fix Warranty and Support
    Project support and warranties are an integral part of our InterfacePlanet. We provide a six month support period — free of charge — for fixing any bugs after completion of a project.

The warranty becomes effective from the date of final delivery of any project. In the event there is a delay in the response and the return of feedback after the end of the warranty period provided by the Interface Team, we cannot guarantee immediate bug fixes and would consider all feedbacks as change requests. Any change requests beyond identified bugs will have to be estimated separately. They will be considered as changing the scope of a project.

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