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Custom Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 Interface (OWA 2013)

Custom Branded for Microsoft Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App (OWA), originally introduces with name Exchange Web Connect and later changed to Outlook Web Access, Outlook Web App is a webmail service part of Microsoft Exchange Server starting with version 5.0, and the webmail client for Microsoft Office 365. Outlook Web App is the part of Exchange server installation and allow users to connect to their email accounts via a web browser, without requiring the installation of Microsoft Outlook. OWA supports S/MIME and includes features for managing calendars, contacts, tasks, documents, and other mailbox content.

Outlook Web App has had two interfaces available since its release with Exchange 2000 server: one with a complete feature set (known as Premium, which is fully supported to IE) and other one with reduced functionality (known as Light, which is for other browsers).

Microsoft provides some cool themes by default with Outlook Web Apps. Although most of the users simply keep the default theme and colour scheme, the most corporates like to change the default theme and have their custom theme branded with their corporate identities like logo colour and website. Here is where

Visit our Custom OWA 2013 demo interface to know how cool we can customize the interface themes for Microsoft Outlook web App.

Custom Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 - Demo1

Custom Microsoft Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 Login page
Custom Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 After Login page

Custom Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 - Demo2

Custom Microsoft Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 Login page
Custom Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 After Login page

An Interfaceplanet Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 customization administration incorporates plan execution to your organization's current image component. Our Branded and redid interface for OWA 2013 screens incorporates -

We have started with Outlook Web Access 2000 version and now at Outlook Web App 2013 R@. This 10 Years experience helps us to understand Microsoft's Outlook Web App interface framework which helps us to serve better on our customers requirements.

We offer Custom OWA Interfaces for Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013, Outlook Web Access 2010, Outlook Web Access 2007, Outlook Web Access 2003 and considerably more established renditions.

Our Custom Interface Package includes of

  • Step By Step Installation Guide
    This guide covers preparing for custom interface installation with all step by step action need to perform on server to helps you apply new customization trouble-free and quickly.
  • Free Online Installation Support
    We are offering FREE installation assistance to our all Interface customers using remote support tools, like GoToMeetings etc.
  • Bug Fix Warranty and Support
    Project support and warranties are an integral part of our InterfacePlanet. We provide a six month support period — free of charge — for fixing any bugs after completion of a project.

The warranty becomes effective from the date of final delivery of any project. In the event there is a delay in the response and the return of feedback after the end of the warranty period provided by the Interface Team, we cannot guarantee immediate bug fixes and would consider all feedbacks as change requests. Any change requests beyond identified bugs will have to be estimated separately. They will be considered as changing the scope of a project.

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